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The Annual Nic Report

So I guess my last real LiveJournal update was in September of last year. My, how I've let things slip. I've still updated my journal with videos and links to things, but I haven't really made any effort to personally write what is going on in my life. So, years from now, when I try to read my journal as a book, there is going to be big blank spots here and there.

Okay, I am offically a paid actor. "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abbridged" went over huge to our audiences in Grand Rapids at the San Chez Restaurant, and also in Holland at the Park Theater. That was probably the funnest show I have ever been in, and not just because of the material. My fellow actors were quite excellent to work with. There was Russ Gallas, a good hearted funny-in-a-kind-of-desperate-way man that reminds me quite a bit of John C. Reily. He had the hardest time memorizing his lines, but he finally had them down pat, the last night of our performances. And also there was Josh Guerrin, perhaps the best actor I have ever met. He used to live in L.A. too and he and I hit it off big time. We are now currently working on getting our own little theater project off the ground by doing a little sometime at Tulip Time, I've been writing a condensed version of MacBeth, and we are also going to try to put on a production of "True West" by Sam Shepard. Doing the Shakespeare play may be the best move I've made in my career solely in the fact that I got to meet Josh.

Also on the acting front, I'm in my first every Central Park Players production of Neil Simon's "Plaza Suite". I play Jesse Kiplinger, a Hollywood Movie Producer who is trying to talk his old, now married, high school girlfriend, Muriel Tate, into having sex with him. It's a bit of a change from the roles I normally play, though I have a feeling Amethyst wouldn't think so. She said once that all the characters I ever play are all the same, just full of themselves and incredibly egotistical. That might be true, but I can't help that those are the type of roles I keep getting offered. That's pretty bad that something an ex-girlfriend said about me still haunts me like that... Anyway, that is not how I originally wanted to approach this character, I wanted to make him very truthful and truly in love with her after all these years, but my director put a stop to that. Chris Smith told me at my first rehearsal, "I just think Jesse is the ultimate phony. He doesn't care about her at all, he just wants a piece." Well, that certainly makes the acting easier, it makes my act turn into a bit of a soap opera, but oh well, you gotta make the director happy. I'll do something interesting with it.

I'm also, as I've mentioned briefly before, now a contributor to the pop culture website, I think that is pretty cool, I'm not being paid or anything yet, but at least I'm getting published 2 or 3 times a week. I'm writing reviews of this weeks upcoming movies based solely on their trailers, I write jokes for our Best-week-ever-type segment called "What a Week it's Bean", and I occasionally will write an article on a topic of my own choosing which are called "Archer: PCI: Pop Culture Investigator". It's a pretty good gig.

Granny had to go to the hospital the other day because her medication was drying her up and made her potassium levels way to high. Now that she is back home, what ever happened to her with all that, her short term memory is now basically completely shot. This doesn't bode well for thing to come.

That just about covers all the main things I'm up to right now. I'll check in later when I have something new to report.
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